Thank you

Ladies and gentleman, Carolyn Dull, Terry Holmes and Walter Obenshain are your new members of City Council. I want to congratulate them on their victories. I wish them the very best!

I am proud to say I placed 4th in the overall contest.

Tonight may be the end of a campaign. However, tonight starts a journey. I am so proud of this city. I am proud of its people and I am proud to call Staunton my home. We increased voter turnout from 11% to 17%. Awesome!

Thank you for all of the support you have shown our efforts. The ideas my campaign raised do not belong to me. They belong to all of us. 

Tomorrow we will start working towards the implementation of a Greenway plan, we will find ways to increase our economy’s ability to provide higher quality jobs for younger residents and we will move forward in a prosperous direction.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and gratitude,
Sean Harvey

Your Vote

Tomorrow, May 6th, I ask for your vote to be the newest member of #Staunton City Council. I am not a politician. I have no party agenda. I simply want the best local economy, the highest quality of life and MORE choices for the next generation.

As residents, we have many, many blessings. I believe we have the potential to soar, but we must continue to push, to fight and to seek what is next. I believe I have the vision, the qualifications and the knowledge to lead the way.

Vote for me.

With love and gratitude,
Sean Harvey

Coverage of Run + Bik + Walk + Vote today


Anonymous asked:

Do voters select one candidate to vote for or three?


Staunton City Council elections are “at large”. You will have the opportunity to cast 3 votes for 3 seats.  

However, you are not bound to cast 3 votes. If you like one vote for one. If you like two vote for two. If you like three then vote for three.

The election on May 6th represents a huge opportunity to send a message to City Council, council candidates, city staff and our community that improving our city’s recreational infrastructure is very important to our residents, our economy and our future.

Let us organize for a casual run, walk, or bike beginning at the Staunton/Augusta Farmers Market at 10am on May 3rd. As a group we will proceed to Montgomery Hall Park up Montgomery Avenue to Gypsy Hill Park and then down Churchville Avenue to Central Avenue and end at the Staunton/Augusta Farmers Market . We will meet at 10am in the Wharf near Black Dog Bikes.

What to know:
1) Please wear a blue shirt
2) Strollers are welcome
3) Tell your friends

The opportunity in front of us is great. Let’s capitalize on the moment.

With Gratitude,
Sean Harvey


Anonymous asked:

Staunton is NOT a pedestrian-friendly town. The greenway connecting all the parks is wonderful, but we need sidewalks and paths that connect the downtown to areas close by. We also need for the speed limit on Beverley to be 15 mph. When are the police going to start giving people tickets on Richmond Road in the 25mph area? When is there going to be a crosswalk light near Richmond and Greenville Roads so that people do not fear for their lives as they walk to town? We need slower cars, more walks


Staunton is NOT a pedestrian-friendly town. We have our bright spots but we also have room for improvement. I will raise the issues of Richmond road with city staff this week and report back an answer.  

I do encourage you to join our event on Saturday May 3rd at 10am. We are organizing runners, walkers & cyclists on a short route through Staunton to show support for greenways, bike paths and improved walkability before the May 6 election.

Here is the information:


Anonymous asked:

Today there was discussion about how we must select the developer carefully for Staunton Crossing. The town seems to have forgotten that a developer was selected for another premier multi-purpose project, The Villages, quite some time ago. I would like for someone to discuss The Villages development. What is happening with THAT carefully selected developer? Where are the jobs promised? How are The Villages grounds being made accessible to downtown? Please ask some questions and let us all know.


You raise some very good questions. Thank you.

I have asked for more information about the Villages at Staunton. I will provide some insight as soon as possible.


Anonymous asked:

Mr. Harvey: After attending yesterday's public forum on the arts at the Blackfriar's Playhouse, you were the single person demonstrating professionalism, creativity and some insight into the "business" of art and the needs of Staunton. You have my vote. Thank you. JGS


Thank you so very much. I sincerely appreciate the support. I mean it when I say I would not be here today if it wasn’t for Staunton’s arts & culture community.

My background in online technology and design makes me keenly interested in finding ways to bolster and support Staunton’s small tech industry and talent. I believe Staunton has a great deal to offer. Success in the future requires action today.

Working with community partners, schools and residents, I think a Makerspace would be a great addition and help to inspire the next generation of makers.

Absentee Voting

Some people have asked about absentee voting.  Here is a response from the Staunton Registrar’s office.

"…absentee voting has already begun,  we have a machine set up in our office for people to come vote during regular business hours(9-1 & 2-5).  We will also be open Saturday May 3rd for those who cannot make it on week days.  Voters can also get a ballot by mail if they submit their absentee application no later than April 29th. “

The Registrar’s Office is located on the first floor of City Hall. Take a right when you walk through the doors.

T-shirts have arrived. I know what I’m wearing on May 6th.

This is great news for the county and for Staunton.

Upcoming Voter Guide

Starting April 16, the Newsleader will publish a Voter Guide. It will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through May 2. 

This guide will feature 1 question per day with corresponding answers from each candidate. It will be available online and in print. Make sure to grab a copy.